SEA's St John's Day

Swiss Estonian Association celebrated the St John's Day on June 15th in Vaumarcus at the Lake Neuch√Ętel.

The weather was like in Estonia - there was sun and rain during the day, followed by a cool evening. We were able to warm ourselves up to the early morning hours by the bonfire. Estonian beer and marinated cucumbers were served along with other dishes at the party. The braver ones even brought home made shashlik. Toomas Kukk, the Ambassador of our area, was also present as the guest of honor, but no one bothered him with passport questions that evening. Instead, we ate his wife's home made rye bread with smoked cheese. The day and evening were spent in a pleasant buzz accompanied by jokes and happy game victories. It was a real Midsummer feeling. And even better, because there were no mosquitoes.

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